about us

Modern Times Coffeehouse is located on the first floor of Politics & Prose Bookstore and operated by locally-owned Coup d'Etat Coffee Co. Since becoming caretakers in 2006 of the decade-old coffeehouse inside Politics & Prose, Coup d'Etat Coffee has revamped the menu, improved the interior, and introduced live performances and special events, creating a perfect environment for reading, studying, and especially conversation and discussion. The coffeehouse serves simple, delicious fare including a variety of housemade cold and hot sandwiches, salads, sides, vegetarian soups, and baked goods.

We spend a great deal of energy ensuring that our offerings bring small local producers and socially conscious products to market, as well as providing to our customers diversity in selection that they can't find anywhere else.

We focus especially on our espresso/coffee menu. Using only fair trade certified and organic coffees, our attention to detail in training and equipment takes into account all the variables that contribute to an immaculate espresso beverage. Our use of a traditional lever espresso machine that runs on pressure and temperature alone demands a great deal of knowledge and experience in espresso production. We've converted customers who thought they hated coffee, and attracted those with a discerning palate.

The coffeehouse offers its walls as an exhibition space for emerging and local artists working in a variety of media. We are always improving to make the space more amenable to the art community's needs.

Every Friday night, the coffeehouse hosts a free open mic event. All styles of music are welcome. Visit our MySpace page for more information.

We are happy to offer wireless internet to customers with any purchase.