Why Coffee Is Better Than...

From the Java City menu in Bangalore, India:

Why coffee is better than women:

  • You can make coffee as sweet as you want.
  • Coffee is cheaper.
  • You can take black coffee home to meet your parents.
  • If you put chocolate in your coffee, it doesn't put on weight.
  • Coffee doesn't care what kind of mood you're in.
  • Your coffee doesn't talk to you, and doesn't ask you to talk either.
  • Coffee is good when its cold too.
  • Coffee never runs out.
  • You can warm it up.

Why coffee is better than men:

  • A cup of coffee looks good in the morning.
  • Coffee is out of your system by the morning.
  • Coffee smells and tastes good.
  • You can always ditch a bad cup of coffee.
  • No matter how ugly you are, you can always get a cup of coffee.
  • A big cup or small cup? It doesn't matter.
  • Coffee is ready in 15 minutes or less.
  • Never says "I have a headache."

Thanks to RYG for dispatching this post from the field. Keep 'em coming!

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