friends in far away places

Julia Goldberg (you might recognize her from behind the counter - not only a great barista but also a talented artist) sadly left us earlier this week to go back to school. Joe Wills, builder, steel shaper, good guy, took this opportunity to leave his studio, located in the back of Comet Ping Pong, get behind a diesel powered machine and see some of the country.
Along with Julia's worldly possessions and her bird, Henry, Joe packed his motorcycle in the back of a U-Haul. Outfitted with electronic gadgets, a GPS device, several power sources, secret compartments and a can do attitude, Joe is making his way back to DC.
Modern Times Coffeehouse has decided to sponsor their alertness, and we wanted to share with you some of their updates from the road. We'll miss Julia and can 't wait to have Joe back. And remember, Modern Times can go with you wherever you go!

1st coffee break

Location: Rest area No.8-40, I-70W, just before Indiana

2nd break

Location: Last rest stop in Kansas, just outside of Colorado

"The blue dot is where the brewing of the coffee took place. Almost to CO!"

"All it takes to make great french press coffee on the road: some water, a Jetboil, a handsome mug, and of course the finest coffee DC has to offer."
"Despite the appearance of this photo, no sinister plots were perpetrated after the consumption of this coffee."
(captions are taken from Joe's Facebook album)

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