NEW Photography Exhibit

Larry Ponsford, a Washington architect and urban designer, will host the opening reception for an exhibition of his photographs on Sunday, November 29th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Modern Times Coffeehouse. The show will run from November 27th to January 30th, 2010. The reception is free and open to the public and refreshments will be provided.

Mr. Ponsford has chosen 22 images from his career archive of some 8000 photos, many taken to help him teach architecture, and later to document certain aspects of his extensive travels. More and more, his photos allow—even suggest—a wide range interpretations by both the photographer and the viewers.

The theme of this show is “Looking Up”. Mr. Ponsford demonstrates how, in an image-oversaturated world, we select what our eye will record: we routinely focus on the thin layer of world between our feet and our head, blithely ignoring whatever wonders, surprises or delights may be “soaring” just overhead. A Japanese proverb says, “Looking up knows no boundaries”.

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