Current Exhibit: Photos from 'We Grew It, Let's Eat It!'

Modern Times Coffeehouse is delighted to present a new photo show for the spring — featuring local photographer Becky Lettenberger. The prints all come from the new book by Justine Kenin, entitled We Grew It, Let's Eat It! (published by Tenley Circle Press, and available for purchase in the bookstore for $15).

Becky Lettenberger is a native of the Garden State (New Jersey), where she began photographing at the age of ten. The photographs currently on display were made with dirt and love during the summer of 2009 while working on We Grew It, Let's Eat It! All of the prints are available for purchase, the smaller for $75 and the larger for $100. Please contact becky.lettenberger@gmail.com for more information.

About the book: DC twins Annie and Veda learn about the White House veggie garden and want to grow fruits and vegetables, too. But how, if you live in an apartment? Watch the twins and senior gardener Ida work and play their way through planting, tending, and harvesting in a neighborhood Community Garden. Then comes the fun of preparing and eating simple, tasty, homegrown food! A picture book for young readers (ages 3-8 -- Pre-K- Grade 4). By Annie and Veda as told to Justine Kenin. Full-color photos by Becky Lettenberger.
56 pages, soft cover 8.5” x 11”, with recipes and books for further reading. ISBN: 978-0-9773536-4-4, $15.00

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  1. Rhoda TrooboffMay 04, 2010

    Becky Lettenberger's photos are gorgeous!