Kreider Farms milk is here!

We had been seriously unhappy and frustrated with the quality of the milk coming in from Shenandoah's Pride. Unexpectedly, we began having trouble steaming our milk to the perfect velvety texture we had been used to. After much frustration and experimentation, we determined that our milk supply was the issue.
We're happy to introduce to you the happy cows at Kreider Farms in Lancaster County, PA. We can now say our milk is local and sustainably produced in an environmentally responsible facility, farm fresh and better tasting.


  1. Are these cows grass-fed? The video doesn't ever show them outside, and that worries me.

  2. from the Kreider Farms website:

    "Kreider Farms grows its own feed and we compost the manure which we sell off to fertilizer companies like Scotts. A stream running through one of our pastures is fenced off to keep our girls out of the water as it passes through the Chesapeake Bay Watershed on its way down to the Bay."

  3. wow, that is a seriously evasive response. "Growing your own feed" does not mean "grass-fed." They could be growing anything and feeding it to them. Grass fed is exceedingly superior and if Modern Times cares about milk quality they should insist on it.

    Also, it is irrelevant if the cows are kept from the stream. The point is are the cows even in the pasture at all? Why isn't that stated clearly? You can easily get grass fed milk from South Mountain Creamery (which is a lot closer than Lancaster) and they deliver to DC.

    How about organic? Is your milk free of rBGH? This is extremely important. Hormones in milk is a serious health hazard and there is no need for it in properly produced milk.

    It is not surprising that milk from Shenandoah's Pride is defective. Its no longer milk the way industrial agriculture produces it any more than Cheeze Whiz is really cheese.

    Don't wait until there is a problem like the milk doesn't whip. Find out about the food supply you participate in and insist on the best product to get the best results.

  4. Wow, indeed. You know, I posted this on the blog so that people would know that we are doing our best to improve the quality of our products at the coffeehouse and not to be dumped upon. I was hoping people would be happy for the change we made; changes that occur gradually and suited to the size and capability of our business. At this point the best we can do is getting milk from a wholesale dairy that produces and processes its own milk, gets the milk to us in 2 days, whose cows are not treated with rbst hormone supplements, that recycles manure and liquids, that has been owned by three generations of Pennsylvanians, and that has won Environmental and Food Safety Excellence awards! Sorry, that's the best we can do!

  5. Thanks for your efforts, Javier. I'm happy to hear this news. Ignore the whiners. I've learned that some people just want to argue.