REMINDER: keep your valuables close.

Please don't leave your things, whether big or small, unattended or out of your sight (especially purses! Don't hang them on the back of your chair; keep them on the floor in front of you). This includes walking away to grab a napkin, setting your stuff down to save a seat, ducking into the area by the bathrooms to take a phone call (yes, we all do it). Several folks, including employees, have had items stolen within a matter of 30 seconds of turning around.  These guys are experts and only by being personally responsible for your items, vigilant and talking to each other will we be able to stop them.  
Most of you come here enough to recognize a strange person hanging around.  If you see something, report it to anybody behind the counter; they'll be sure to call the police.  

Suspicious behavior to watch out for:
- hats or sunglasses indoors
- large bags or bulky jackets
- pacing/scanning
- people not purchasing/consuming anything
- hanging out by the Remainder section by the bathrooms (perfect spot to scan the entire coffeehouse and Remainder room)

- hanging out by the publications table by the door to parking lot 

Any other tips you might have about this or other incidents let us know in the comments or email javier(at)moderntimescoffeehouse.com 

Theft and Pickpocket Prevention Tips from MPDC

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