April youth art show: "Critical Exposure"

Modern Times Coffeehouse is proud to present our new April art show, featuring photographs from youth in Critical Exposure's education programs.

Some background info on Critical Exposure: we teach youth how to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change. Through partnerships with youth programs and community organizations, we seek to create a connection between art and advocacy using a three-pronged approach that focuses on:

1. Youth Empowerment – Provide students with training in documentary photography, leadership, and advocacy; teach them how to document issues that impact their lives; and help them to use their images and voices to advocate for positive solutions to those issues.

2. Public Engagement – Inform and engage the public by using students’ photographs and writing to create traveling exhibits that can be shown in galleries, coffee shops, and other public spaces to build awareness of the issues facing young people.

3. Policy Change – Partner with advocacy and community organizations to implement creative strategies that use youth photography and voices to strengthen campaigns to improve
our schools and our communities.

For more information on Critical Exposure, visit www.criticalexposure.org

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