Power's Back. Open regular hours tomorrow, Sunday.

We'll be open regular hours tomorrow, Sunday.  Come forget the stormaggedon and drown your thirsty souls or drench your sweaty brows in iced coffees or Arnold Palmers.  
Unfortunately, the parking lot will be closed all day Sunday for repaving.  So plan on walking or park in the surrounding streets.  We promise we'll crank the AC until we can see our breaths. 
Thanks guys and thanks to all our wonderful staff who helped today - James, Yoko, Stefan, and Kate.  A huge shout out to Buck's, James Alefantis and Vicky Reh, who saved most of our inventory by offering us some their fridge space!  Stay cool.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2012

    Will you guys be open on Wednesday, July 4th?