It's official: we're having a baby.

Modern Times Coffeehouse will soon have a sister store to be exact.  Many of you have known about this, but I didn't want to make an announcement until things were official:  well, last week, we secured a lease for a space in the Takoma neighborhood of DC.  For this venture, I have partnered with Anna Petrillo, who has been with MTC almost since its inception.
It has been quite a journey already.  However, we know we've found the perfect space, filling a gap left by the closing of the Mayorga Coffee location earlier this year.
We want to open our doors by this winter, knowing that it will take a considerable build-out for that space to be ready; once it is done,  it will offer a different experience than Modern Times - a function of its size and location - while maintaining our attention to quality and connection to the surrounding community. In the meantime, we're considering holding some events at MTC specifically to raise some start-up funds.  We'd appreciate any suggestions for fund-raising events.
This does not mean Modern Times is going anywhere.  I'm proud to say that during the search (and beyond) James Bress has been doing a great job taking care of the daily operations at the shop.  We want to continue being an essential part of the neighborhood and the Politics and Prose family.    
I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Wish us luck - these are exciting times!

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  1. What about specials for people who have coffee or eat at both locations on the same day