Popping Up in December

We're pleased to announce a partnership with Trohv in Takoma to host a pop-up coffee bar every Sunday there in December! On Sundays Dec. 9, 16, 23, and 30, come between 11:30am-2pm where we will be preparing select coffee offerings from our featured local roaster, Ceremony Coffee. The most special thing about this service is that we are offering coffee prepared three different ways, none of which you can currently get at Modern Times. There, we make a house blend in a French press; and offer two choices of single origin coffees (coffee that has been sourced from the same crop/lot instead of being mixed with other beans) either as a Chemex brew pot, or as a single-cup pourover. If you've never had coffee prepared this way, we highly recommend it. For each order, the weight of the coffee and the volume of water is calculated in relation to the amount of time that the coffee is allowed to "brew", resulting in the optimal extraction of the beans, and thus, the best tasting cup possible!

For more information about our pop-up venture (which ultimately will result in the grand opening of our new business, LA MANO COFFEE BAR in spring 2013), visit our Facebook page.

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