shaking it up a bit

We are now brewing Guatemalan Huehuetenango for our medium-roast coffee. Guatemalan coffee tends to be light and brightly acidic, and the Huehuetenango is known for its fruity, spicy undertones. I think of chocolate when I drink our Guatemalan, but then again I think about chocolate about 73% of the time anyway...In any event, try it out, especially with our newest pie selection, the chocolate-oatmeal wonderfulness. The sweetness of the pie is definitely balanced out with a big mug of straight coffee, and the cinnamon-chocolate-red fruit flavors of the coffee just jump right out. Miam!

As for fans of the Ehiopian Yirgacheffe, don't fret! We're still using it for our cold-brewed iced coffee.

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  1. I think the Ethiopian tastes like chocolate too. Try it straight up with a splash of simple syrup, now stocked on the condiment bar.