We've made it past our terrible twos!

Yes! We made it to year number three and now have renegotiated our contract with Politics and Prose for another five! Thank you to all of you who have been here since the beginning and have watched us pull our hair out and cry so many times, but also have been here to help us reach landmarks and celebrations.
Last few days, I have been reminiscing with Adam and Ryan about those first few days and, honestly, we can't figure out how we pulled it off. Operating on so little sleep, no experience, and teaching ourselves as we went along. We are so lucky that we are in this space and that so many people were there to help the business stumble and then walk upright into what it is now. It is just like watching a being grow and mature, at some point just taking off on its own; the whole process has unfolded organically, for Modern Times is made of people!
We have such a wonderful staff behind the counter and behind the scenes. I am terribly grateful for their commitment and constant efforts to keep the same consistent level of quality and professionalism. With them, the coffeehouse is in good hands and I wish they were all around for good.
Well, again, thanks to all of you who have seen us grow into a three-year-old business. I promise: Modern Times will continue it's constant path of change and improvement, retaining that strong core of quality and a genuine love for coffeehouse culture. I am so glad we are here, within the walls of Politics and Prose; Barbara and Carla have been great mentors along this path. We inherited a great clientele and an awareness of the value of constant involvement and of the importance of the individuals behind the business.
Hope to see you all around for the next five years! I have a feeling I will be seeing the same faces I have seen, sometimes daily, for the past three.


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