District's Top Iced Coffee - get yours here!

Do you shy away from drinking cold coffee, thinking all it will taste like is the last third of your morning mug after it's been sitting on your desk for three hours?

The Washington Post Express daily wrote an article on the merits of cold-brewed coffee, naming ours one of the best places for the "District's Top Iced Coffee". Add in a nice quote from Javier, and bingo, we were asked by more than a large handful of customers today to take the challenge and try their first cold-brewed iced coffee. We use freshly ground Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans and make the concentrate every day. Steeping the coarse grounds slowly in cold water overnight reduces the acid and bitterness that is produced, allowing the wonderful chocolate and mild roasted flavors to shine through very strongly instead. I've seen many customers drink their iced coffee straight, no sweetener or milk is needed. Some add milk or cream and a small splash of simple syrup or vanilla syrup to make it a little more rich. We don't recommend adding sucralose or raw sugar-- all it does is clump up in the bottom and/or float around as gritty specks in the drink. I prefer lots of ice and a big splash of soy milk, which adds some nuttiness and slight sweetness. And for goodness sakes, no whipped cream or syrup dribbles on top. Save those for an ice cream sundae over at Comet.

UPDATE: for those that would like to try the cold-brewing method at home, check out this recent NYT article on the small wonders of iced coffee.

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