Farid Fellag, Artisanal Baker

As promised, an introduction to the hands that bring us such joy in the morning. Farid Fellag has worked tirelessly ever since moving into the kitchen at Buck's Fishing and Camping. I don't have to tell you how difficult it is to walk over from across the parking lot early in the morning with a sheet pan overflowing with freshly baked pastries and not be tempted to take a bite out of every one of his warm creations. Enjoying a pain au chocolat in the morning with my cappuccino is a definite joy, and a warm slice of focaccia in the afternoon has become a necessary pause during most of my afternoons.
Farid learned the art of baking in Parisian patisseries after moving from his native Algeria in 1988, where he had pursued a career in accounting. Abandoning the cold world of numbers for one of textures, flavors and shapes, he developed the basic techniques for creating simple, delicious pastries. He often wonders why it's so difficult to find quality baked goods in this city, to which he moved in 2001. To him, it's a simple process of combining basic ingredients, working with your hands and having patience, curiosity and creativity. He has taken the lessons and experiences working in Paris and improved upon the process, utilizing a technique requiring up to four days.
The butter is added to the dough only after it has rested for a day. He then shapes the pastries on the third day; finally, baking them the morning after. As you might have already noticed, his hand is visible in each of his creations: each unique in shape and form but all sharing an irresistible texture and richness (even though he has assured me he uses less butter than his french colleagues).
I feel fortunate to have met him and glad that he has joined our extended family. It's always a pleasure seeing him in the morning and sharing dreams and plans for a continued friendship and hopes for even greater things to come.


  1. The croissants are wonderful, and the focaccia is to die for. But even more wonderful is a chance to "meet the artist". Thank you for this profile, and thank Mr. Fellag for the opportunity to eat food that is made the way it should be; it's like tasting life.

  2. Farid is my neighbor. Can you imagine living next door to a pastry chef and bread maestro? Farid and his wife are as warm and wonderful as his creations. I insist on making the trek to Politics & Prose for the goodies; I need the exercise before treating myself to his wonderful baked goods. And if you ever tried one of his baguettes... Mmmmm.