Express Night Out - Best Indie Coffeeshop & Best Place to Get Work Done

Put us down as a write-in candidate for Best Indie Coffeeshop and then VOTE for P&P as Best Place to Get Work Done (don't know why we weren't the official candidate for that), Best Indie Bookstore, and Best Spot for Readings. Come on, let's sweep all four categories! Vote here until Oct 16. Here's a couple things we do here that makes us different from the other candidates:

1) We make our own chocolate syrup for hot chocolate: just cooked chocolate, cream, and sugar.
2) Our pastries are baked in a single batch, by hand, next door every morning. Just for you, and no one else.
3) Our coffee is sourced organic and fair-trade, and we use a small roaster in VA that produces the lovely espresso, dark roast, and single origin medium roast coffees that are sent to us fresh every few days.
4) the classic grilled cheese sandwich!
5) our awesome staff of tattooed, be-spectacled, hat-wearing, music-loving, droll-humored baristas.

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  1. here's the link: http://expressnightout.com/bestof/

    also write us in for best open mic!