featured drinks for fall

here's some of our special cold weather drinks that will warm you up anytime of the day:

hot chocolate - made with our housemade chocolate sauce and steamed milk. the sauce is basically the concentrated base of a drinking chocolate: chopped imported dark bar chocolate that has been slow-cooked with a little cream, sugar, and butter. If it sounds too unhealthy for you, just order a small and think about all the antioxidants you're getting from the chocolate :)

classic cappuccino - the traditional way that a cappuccino is served pretty much everywhere else in the world besides american coffee chains. double shots of espresso combined with a little heavily steamed milk (no extra-hot requests please!), so that about the top third settles at the top of the 6 oz cup.

mocha - espresso, our housemade chocolate sauce, and "microfoamed" milk. very flavorful, and you get your caffeine/chocolate fix all in one.

the london fog - i'm not exactly sure who came up with the name, but it stuck and people like saying it. perfume-y earl grey tea, steeped in steamed soy milk and a drop of honey. fans of sweetened milky tea should try it.

yerba mate latte - another fun name to say. yerba mate, a staple beverage in many south american countries, tastes very grassy and has caffeine. we combine it with steamed soy milk and honey, which brings out the plant flavors.

note: if you don't partake in caffeine or dairy, we offer decaffeinated espresso and soy milk as options.

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