April's Art: Sheridan School students exhibit 'Sequential Art'

Artwork by seventh graders at the Sheridan School will be on display in the Coffeehouse throughout the month of April. The Sheridan School's seventh grade class studied sequential art (including its history, luminaries, and techniques) for several weeks to inform their own efforts at constructing and conveying a narrative rooted in the dynamic worlds of movement, space and time — while still being fixed to the static medium of the two-dimensional page. Whimsical or poignant, action-packed or serene, their work is as diverse and expressive as the students themselves. The art is not for sale — and a reception will take place at the end of the month.

About the Sheridan School
The Sheridan School is a small K-8 private school nestled in Northwest Washington DC. A progressive school, Sheridan hopes to help students grow into confident, responsible and kind children who are well-prepared to meet the challenges and demands of a complex and changing world, while maintaining their own unique voice. For more information, visit www.sheridanschool.org

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