Spring renewal

The season for rebirth is here. We are preparing some refreshing additions to the menu and major remodeling in the upcoming weeks.
First of all, we will be eliminating the 16oz size for warm beverages and the 20oz size for cold. We believe that, by making this change, we will best be able to focus on serving quality, well-balanced drinks. We will continue offering our 8oz and 12oz sizes as well as the 6oz classic cappuccino size. Once we run through our supply of large cups, we will institute the changes.
By the end of this week, we will be adding two new sandwiches and a new salad to the menu. The prototypes have caused much excitement and anticipation among our staff. I'll say no more. Just keep watching the menu board.


  1. Not sure why smaller drinks wd b more balanced, especially for cold drinks. Maybe there's another reason?

  2. What's with the no more large-sized drinks? How does balance affect anything other than espresso drinks? And even w/ espresso drinks, people may want more milk, or more shots than a smaller size could hold. Doesn't make sense.

  3. If you'd like more or less shots than what we have specified on our menu -- please let your barista know and we can adjust to order. We're aiming for the most efficient supply and consumption of both materials and space, maintaining a streamlined flow of energy (both mechanical and human) to produce top quality drinks; as well as keeping within reasonable limits of the traditional proportions of espresso based beverages. As far as cold drinks, we offer cheap refills or are happy to fill up a larger commuter mug if you'd like to bring your own.