Parking Woes **UPDATED**

Well, it just so happens that the District of Columbia has no jurisdiction over the strip of dirt next to the woods; it is, actually, part of Rock Creek Park, and, therefore, under federal jurisdiction. Nick Gill, our landlord, has an agreement with the Park Service - allowing cars to park in that area (as long as it remains reasonably maintained). Carry on.

on 6/23/10, I wrote:
"A parking enforcement officer visited our parking lot today to inform us that PARKING ON THE GRAVEL/DIRT ABUTTING THE WOODED AREA IS ILLEGAL. I would suggest parking on the paved lot or on 36th St. while we, along with the other businesses on the block, try to appeal this decision since using those spaces has been an accepted practice for several years. I will keep you informed of any developments."

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2010

    I'm shocked - shocked! - that the DC police would act so imperious.