SIZE of our drinks

Recently, an "Anonymous" commenter had this to say regarding our decision to eliminate the larger cup sizes:

"I, too, do not understand how an "efficient supply and consumption of both materials and space" affect getting a large regular coffee. Non-espresso coffees do not require more time to prepare, and only marginally more materials. I regularly buy a large coffee, drink some on site, and take the rest with me. Taking away the ability to do this for the reasons stated not only seems ridiculous, but may drive me to other places. Very user-unfriendly."

I understand how our decision, originally-presented, can be confusing and disconcerting for some people. For the sake of brevity in my original blog post, I did only mention the quality of espresso drinks as the impetus behind this change. Questions arose, and, subsequently, Anna added that efficiency of materials and space, and streamlining the flow of our movements and those of the traffic within the shop, also influenced our decision. She also stressed our ability to adjust specific orders - i.e. adding extra shots or even filling larger sized non-disposable travel mugs.

If that does not make our decision clearer, let me add a few more reasons that were not explicitly stated. Our menu is now easier to read. Our storage space is very limited and, as a small business, our margins thin: inventory is now much easier to manage and maintain in order. Furthermore, keeping larger cups behind the counter and not using them for espresso drinks would only lead to confusion, misunderstandings, subsequent lengthy clarifications interrupting our otherwise efficient workflow, and would, perhaps, add conflict to our otherwise peaceful coffeehouse. We still offer coffee refills, unlimited quantities of them, even! Sit a while, enjoy what you are drinking.
Also, remember how the coffeehouse used to serve 20 oz hot drinks and people's reaction to eliminating that size drink?
I didn't think you would.

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