Buy and get your gifts wrapped here

We all do it-- wait until the last minute to wrap gifts. You dig through the back of your closet only to find ten giant rolls of paper that you never liked anyway with wrinkled, awkwardly shaped scraps left that will barely cover the gifts that need wrapped. And then you run out of tape. Avoid all of this by taking advantage of this annual service from P&P and The Washington Literacy Council. Volunteers are here at the store to gift-wrap your books, MTC mugs & shirts, and more, through December 26th. WLC provides reading education and support to District adults with the most limited reading skills, greatest needs, and fewest resources. The suggested donation is $1 per item to support this WLC fundraising campaign. You may also sign up as a volunteer gift wrapper by contacting Jennifer Durkin at WLCgiftwrap@gmail.com; just put "P&P Wrap" in the subject line.

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