South of Laptopistan

In this article in the NY Times, David Sax profiles a cafe in Brooklyn where laptops rule the tabletops and 5/6 of the overall space. I'm not wishing to move the cafe toward that particular business model - I believe we've achieved a careful balance within our small space. However, Sax was able to personalize the laptop drones who he originally believed "were just sitting around e-mailing other writers in other cafes around the world."
I've have met many writers, business people, moms, professors, students in Modern Times Coffeehouse; some of you have been calling this your "third-space" before that term was coined. I can't keep up with every one who comes through; so, inspired by this article, I'm asking you to introduce yourselves - here, on our Modern Times Coffeehouse blog.
What are you typing away for over there? What has been haunting your screen lately? The classic DC question: What do you do? Who are you?


  1. I am applying to work under a cancer genomics researcher in Barcelona, and am reading up on his work so as to be conversant in it during my phone interview tomorrow. MTC fo' life WOOT!

  2. Writing grad school app essays!

  3. I'm Justin and I'm a Real Estate Specialist. I work from home and where my clients take me. As I need to do a lot of research it can get boring and I enjoy the energy, food and coffee of this wonderful place!

  4. Home for the holidays, trying to get work done for sociology PhD, & always love coming back to P&P since I used to come here when we lived in DC. Typing away about gender income inequality, occasionally procrastinating...