wi-fi policy changes

As I wrote in my previous post from December 11th, the coffeehouse will have a new wi-fi policy in place January 15th.  Thanks to those who commented and offered suggestions as to how best balance the needs of all our patrons.  Also, please remember that we are not targeting individuals - we appreciate those of you who "pay rent" throughout the day, who share their tables, who use only the chairs they need, but we can't expect everyone to be as courteous as you or as aware of the needs of a small business and of the Modern Times/Politics and Prose community.
We're working with our "IT Department" to configure the router.  Unfortunately, we can't block bit torrent sites with the router we have.  We can, however configure it to not broadcast a signal during certain times.  The router will automatically shut off between the hours of 11a - 3p during the weekdays.  During the weekends it will remain off until 5p. You will still need to obtain a receipt with purchase to get a passkey to sign into the network.
Thank you again for helping us create a warm, welcoming environment. 


  1. Please check out the very popular "DC Urban Moms & Dads" Forum for an entertaining thread about this topic. Apparently you have really pissed off the originator of the thread. There are now over 200 responses.

  2. My apologies to anyone who feels that this decision was made with hostile intentions. I wanted to elicit a change in the culture of the coffeehouse in a positive manner, balancing the needs of the business and those of the many different populations that form our customer base and surrounding community.
    It was also not a purely profit-driven decision: I expected strong reaction and yet took that risk, knowing that we also take a risk in not addressing the needs and complaints of folks who can't get a table during our busier times.
    I do have to address some of the other complaints that came up in that thread. We are constantly striving to improve our customer service and food options. I have made sure and addressed the coffeehouse staff and emphasized good communication and interactions, even during busy, stressful times. I have devoted almost 10 years of my life to improving this space and want to continue doing so. I appreciate those criticism and comments even though it might hurt a bit to read them.
    Please, feel free to email me -
    javier(at)moderntimescoffeehouse (dot)com with any suggestions, words of encouragement, criticisms, questions.
    Than you.