Godspeed, Raymond Van Over

This week, Ray leaves DC for the sunny shores of Cape Cod and the Great Northeast. Ray has lived in DC for decades and has been a regular of the various coffee shop incarnations in this space for 15 years, including the last seven with us. If you are a morning person, you might know Ray as the guy who is always first in line to get into MTC, but ushers everyone else to the register before him. If you come in the afternoons, you might know him as the guy with the tiny laptop and cool hat sitting right here:
This was Ray's throne for the past four years that I've been here, and many before that. He's written multiple books from this spot, and held court Monday through Friday to educate, entertain, and engage with as many of you as would stop to talk.

And Ray was even better to those of us that work here. Patient to a fault, understanding of all the changes and modifications we've made and had to make, and ALWAYS eager to over-tip, he's one of the best Regulars we've ever had. If you missed his (in my opinion, overly-modest) departure and want to send him a word or farewell, leave it in the comments here and I'll make sure he checks in.

Thanks for coming in, Ray, and good luck in Massachusetts!

The Staff of MTC


  1. Raymond has touched more lives than he realizes in this place, and it is on account of his own humility and self-deprecation that he slipped off without more fanfare. For the many of us who were lucky to speak with him on a regular basis, he was always a source of wisdom and good cheer -- a kind and loving soul. We will miss him -- so much. Most of all, though, we wish him all the happiness in the world -- and that all the kindness he has shown to others will come back to him a hundred-fold.

    Thank you, James, for writing this lovely send-off. Raymond, best wishes as you continue your journey -- you are loved, dear man!

  2. Raymond was the best customer because he never started his order sentence with "I want" or "Gimme". Even though he always got the same thing, and even though we already had it ready by the time he got to the counter, he always took the 10 seconds to say "Good morning" and place his order politely like it was the first time he'd ever set foot in the place. Humble, sincere, and in touch with the whole world around him. I'd give up every tip to be able to have people like Raymond visit us everyday.