Scorecard: NERDS 5

With a whoppin 38 teams, last night was one of the biggest Nerd gatherings since ComiCon....

A big congrats to our first place team (who apparently came in last, last time - its an American Dream) Debbie Does a Double Axel.

Mark your calendars, next quiz is July 27, 8pm.

If you were there and want to relive the glory, or if you couldn't make it and wanna know how you might have done, here is the run down of last night's quiz.

ROUND 1: Potpourri
1. What country has the unique distinction of not listing its own name on its postage stamps?

2. Which animal has the largest eye of all land mammals?

3. Which American TV series, which ran for 11 seasons between 1993 and 2004, featured the theme song, "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs"

4. Though corporations are legally granted personhood status, they cannot, of course, be sent to prison for crimes they might commit. Instead, punishment for corporate wrongdoing is meted out in the forms of fines levied, usually by the US government. What is the largest fine a corporation has ever been ordered to pay (+/- $.5 Billion), and which corporation was ordered to pay it?

5. "There were four of us" is the opening line to what Jerome K. Jerome book?

6. "Lilly Law", "Betty Badge", or Alice Blue Gown" were not so endearing terms used on Christopher Street (and elsewhere) in the 1960's to identify and deride cops as they selectively enforced a New York Statute which required that a person wear how many articles of clothing "appropriate to one's gender"?

7. Which Paralympic Sport is also known as Murderball?

8. Which element is used in the production of light sensitive film?

9. The 58th annual Eurovision Song Contast was held last month in Malmo Sweden. Which Country took home the high honor (and will host next year's contest)? Hint: For the first time since 1985, no country of the former Yugoslav Republic qualified for the final round of the Contest.

10. On this date in history: Since its initial release, the iPhone has sold more than 250 million units. Steve Jobs stated at the time that "the phone was not just a communication tool, but a way of life". In what year was the iPhone introduced on the market?

ROUND 2: 'Northwest'
1. North West was born on June 15. What is her astrological sign?

2. North West will have 4 maternal aunts and 1 uncle. For one point each, name her aunts and the uncle. Hint: all but one starts with K

3. The name North West might be a nod to Shakespeare. This title character says "I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw." His "reality" play did not end well. Name the character.

4. If North West really hates her name, she could adopt a stage name, which is exactly what the star of Hitchcock's 1959 film North by Northwest did. Name the actor for one point and the actor's birth name for a second point.

5. Earlier this week Rusty, a red panda, was a fugitive for less than 24 hours after he made a dramatic escape from what establishment in Northwest DC?

6. This place in Northwest DC is the burial site of Woodrow Wilson, the only president interred in DC proper.

7. This official lives next to the Naval Observatory in Northwest DC. And yes, despite his guffaws, he is a Big F*ing Deal.

8. Northwest DC houses the main campuses for 5 universities. List each of the 5 for one point each

9. The C&O Canal runs through Northwest DC before going into Maryland. What does C&O stand for

10. What literary and community establishment opened its doors in Northwest DC nearly 30 years ago?

ROUND 3: Visual (Click Image to Enlarge)
ROUND 4: "What's on Antonin Scalia's iPod?"
1. Flagpole Sitta - Harvey Danger
2. Sympathy for the Devil - Rollin Stones
3. The Times they are A-Changin - Bob Dylan
4. Amish Paradise - Weird Al
5. Were Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
6. Bad as Me - Tom Waits
7. I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty
8. Breaking the Law - Judas Priest
9. Seasons of Love - RENT
10. I Fought the Law - The Clash

1. The UK (The first adhesive postage stamp, commonly referred to as the Penny Black, was issued in the United Kingdom in 1840, bearing a profile image of Queen Victoria. All British stamps still bear a picture or silhouette of the reigning monarch somewhere on the design, leaving the monarch's image to symbolize the UK rather than explicitly naming it).

2. Horse (Fun Fact: Most of the time a horse has monocular vision, meaning a different image is seen by each eye. Typically, wherever a horse's ear is pointing is where the horse is looking with they eye on the same side).

3. Frasier

4. $4.5 Billion, BP (for intentionally misleading officials about the scale of the leakage on their Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico - claiming that it was 5,000 barrels/day, while actually it was closer to 140,000 barrels /day - leading to the largest oil spill in US history).

5. Three Men in a Boat

6. Three (On June 28, 1969 a 'routine' raid took a riotous turn when butch dykes, drag queens, gender benders and trannies were joined by a crowd outside the Stonewall Inn. Christopher Street Liberation Day marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, and a yearly pride march has taken place on Sundays in June ever since).

7. Wheelchair Rugby (Developed in Canada in 1977, wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, handball and rugby union. It is governed by the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation).

8. Silver

9. Denmark (Emmelie de Forest won with the song "only Teardrops", scoring 281 points. This marks the second time that Denmark has won on Swedish soil.)

10. 2007 (With the exception of 2013, a new generation of the iPhone has been released every year since).

1. Gemini
2. Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, and Rob
3. Hamlet
4. Cary Grant, Archie Leak
5. National Zoo
6. Washington National Cathedral
7. Joe Biden
8. American University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Howard University, University of the District of Columbia
9. Chesapeake & Ohio
10. Politics & Prose

1. DAVID BOWIE: Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones  (son)
2. KANYE WEST/KIM KARDASHIAN: North (daughter)
3. NICHOLAS CAGE: Kal-el (son)
4. MILLA JOVAVICH: Ever Gabo (daughter)
5. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS/DAVID BURTKA: Gideo Scott (son) & Harper Grace (daughter)
6. JERMAIN JACKSON: Jermajesty (son)
7. PENN JELLETTE: Moxie Crimefighter (daughter)
9. FRANK ZAPPA: Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen (daughter)
10. BEYONCE/JAY-Z: Blue Ivy (daughter)

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