further phenomenal furniture

The wonders of craigslist! I am sitting this morning on, what is to me, the nicest piece of furniture to ever grace our humble space and the most recent, and final, addition to our shabby-chic, mismatched collection. It only took a trip out to Germantown, in maddening traffic, riding in a diesel-powered monster truck borrowed from our good friend, Joe Wills. The table has some definite character and came with six matching(!) orange-cushioned chairs, two leaves which have not been added (or ever will, maybe), and table pads.
With the help of Matthew, we made a quick job of loading the truck, and the way back took us only twenty minutes (compared to one hour getting there).

I hope you love the table (I think she deserves to be christened something wonderful) and that it is of much use for those wanting to work on their computers. I would urge those of you on laptops to make use of this table and the Ikea "campground-theme" table, especially during our busiest times of the day - mainly lunchtime during weekdays and most of the morning and afternoon on weekends. This will help accommodate the competing needs of the coffeehouse's and the bookstore's diverse clienteles.

With this new addition, it was necessary to rearrange the rest of the furniture. Please let me know if this works for you; your input is much appreciated. Thanks again for your patience as we disturb what is "home" to many of you. Believe me, this is much needed change.


  1. She *is* a lovely table! So roomy, with a hint of Zen about her. What sort of names do your other articles of furniture have? ;0P What about Sakura, or Kwan Yin, or Ananda? :D

    - Indi

  2. I eye it from across the room. It is filled with people and I hope someday to have the opportunity to sit there. Nice find.

    -KC & Becky

  3. Yeah, OK, the table is nice. But I miss the couches. So I'm a bit sad about that. I know they were dirty and grungy. Part of the charm. Nice new network name, BTW, subtle :)

    Oh, and great idea having sign-in lead to your blog. Be cool to see if it builds connections among folks who use the cafe. Another idea may be to have profiles of regular members — so people can get to know each other.

  4. I miss the sofa and coffee table and covet the armchairs, but the table is stylist. Hold onto the leaves. You could re-enact the last supper outside come spring.

  5. We hope to make the table available for those people that want to hold meetings, study or discussion groups, etc. I added the "followers" gadget to the bottom of the blog, under "friends". Come, follow us...towards the light...don't be scared...

  6. I live in Athens, GA, so I cannot go to P&P very often. However, I always gravitate toward coffeehouses with sofas and overstuffed armchairs. That's where I prefer to sit even with my laptop. I'll look for the new table when I'm next in DC. Maybe it will have a name by then.
    my 2 cents,