30 Days of Summer at Modern Times Coffeehouse: Day 2

The ubiquitous coffeeshop food is the sandwich-- served cold or hot, with funky names or not, sandwiches are relatively easy to produce, sell well, and can be made with a small staff and a small kitchen. We have been proud to use the same wholesale bread supplier for our sandwiches for the past seven years, Lyon Bakery. Lyon is a locally based artisan bakery with production facilities based in Washington, D.C. and Alexandria. They supply to restaurants throughout the area and recently became available for public retail at several independent grocers and markets, such as Union Market in Northeast D.C., Cork Market on 14th, and Washington Green Grocer.

The selection of breads from Lyon are wide ranging, from classic French and Italian styles to heart healthy whole grain and rustic country loaves. We use the following types: their Pain Levain Farm bread, made from a mix of white flour, wheat flour and rye flour. This bread, in combination with pure unsalted Cabot butter and sharp cheddar cheese, is what makes our grilled cheese sandwich a hit with kids young and old. We also use their thick sliced Multigrain bread to make our turkey breast and tuna salad deli sandwiches. This bread contains 12 different grains and seeds and is also a favorite among our morning customers to eat as toast with butter and jam. Our panino style sandwiches come on individual-sized ciabatta loaves, ready to be pressed crisp on the grill and hold rich and savory fillings such as mozzarella cheese and prosciutto. Finally, we use their crunchy, chewy baguettes as the basis for our most popular sandwich: roasted turkey breast, Granny Smith apple, and brie. 

We know that more and more folks are eating less flour, gluten, carbohydrates, and meat, so we are happy to offer six types of gluten free vegetarian salads every day, as well as a rotating selection of gluten free + vegan soup on every day of the week. But if you do want to partake in a sandwich, we highly recommend one of the ones described above on the wonderful breads from Lyon! 

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