30 Days of Summer at Modern Times Coffeehouse: Day 10

Coffeehouses are known as a gathering place for creative minds. The most regular of regulars are the writers and the artists. In our first post in this series we introduced you to the writer Howard Norman, who uses the coffeehouse for meetings, walkabouts, and conversations. When I thought about who I wanted to feature as the second influential regular, it was obvious that person is BK Adams.

Also known as the 'Art Man', BK usually comes in very early, by himself, although once in awhile with his family, to enjoy exactly two cups of regular coffee. The two cups are always poured into a ceramic mug that BK brings with him. Often he will have some photos or music that he wants to share with us. He always takes the time to ask how we are doing, what we are doing in our personal lives, how we are feeling about the world. And he always has a story on where he found his latest hat or how those newest splashes of paint got onto his clothes. 

We have hosted two exhibits from BK in the coffeehouse in the past few years. To call BK a multimedia or multi-discipline artist is an understatement. As his iconic stickers declare, BK, the person, simply, IS art. 

His current exhibit, Mynd Up, is on display at the Honfleur Gallery in Historic Anacostia through August 30.

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