flower power

we've brought back iced hibiscus/ginger tea infusion for the summer. the hibiscus plant is known throughout tropical climates for its beautiful flowers and vitamin and medicinal properties. we steep the deep, deep red dried flowers with freshly grated ginger (also known for digestive properties) to create a juicy, somewhat tart, cranberry-flavored drink. try it as a healthy and caffeine-free alternative to iced coffee.


upcoming wireless changes

In a couple of weeks, we will be instituting a new wireless internet policy.

We will be shutting the router off between the hours of 1130a - 2p. The router will remain on the rest of the day, and free wireless will be provided for patrons of the coffeehouse. With purchase of an item, a password will also be provided to access this service, which will be reset every few days and will be printed on the bottom of your receipt.

It is something that we have tried before and believe it to be a good way of accommodating our diverse clientele. In fact, we have arrived at this compromise prompted by a request from Politics and Prose Bookstore's owners and management, who have found their own space compromised by the increased volume of laptop users - namely, folks sitting in the "Remainder Room," which primarily functions as a space for browsing large art books, book group meetings, and for author events, and, secondarily, as an overflow space for coffeehouse customers.

Of course, we are not robots behind the counter and feel that we can be flexible with the new policy. If we feel that we can have the router on during lunchtime then the service will be available without interruption.

Thanks and we welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.