There has been a series of thefts in the coffeehouse, including items taken from inside purses and from off of tables/chairs. Do NOT leave any of your items including phones, wallets, bags, etc. unattended, even if it's just to walk to the counter to return a dish or grab a napkin, etc. These thefts happened in a matter of seconds. And feel free to please report any suspicious activity to the managers of the coffeehouse or the bookstore. Thank you.


Electricity restored

Power's back = back in business!

(help us celebrate by getting refreshingly "electrified" with an iced chai latte, Arnold Palmer, or dark chocolate iced mocha)


Video from the Itinerant Poetry Librarian

Just in case you missed the Itinerant Poetry Librarian, and her traveling roadshow of out-of-print poetry and fussy British librarian antics...

The Itinerant Poet Librarian @ Modern Times Coffeehouse from Lance Kramer on Vimeo.


Documentary Appreciation Salon

This salon series, moderated by Docs In Progress co-founder Erica Ginsberg, brings together filmmakers and documentary film aficionados to discuss and debate great issues in documentary cinema. Each salon focuses around a particular sub-genre of documentary and use clips from documentary films and questions from the moderator to spur reflection and discussion. As a way to encourage greater discourse on documentary film, this series is free to the public.

This month's topic will focus on how place is approached in documentaries. While sometimes just a setting or backdrop, the location or locations of a documentary can often be almost a character in and of itself. How do different documentarians treat the role of place in their films? We will look and discuss a number of clips from classic and contemporary documentaries. This program is sponsored by Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose Bookstore.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 from 7:30-9:30 pm

Modern Times Coffeehouse at Politics & Prose Bookstore (5015
Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC - Lower Level)

This is a free program. However it does take place in a cafe space and we encourage you to support our sponsor by getting some yummy food or drink while at the program.


July 14: The Itinerant Poetry Librarian

Need FREE membership of a travelling library of 'lost & forgotten' poetry? You're in luck good citizens of Washington D.C. – we've arrived!

Continuously, since May 2006, The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a library of ‘Lost & Forgotten’ poetry, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets.

Modern Times Coffeehouse is delighted to welcome the Itinerant Poetry Library and Librarian on WEDNESDAY JULY 14th 2010, where from 7-10pm, she’ll be installed in our coffeehouse with her library OPEN. Come and visit her, discover her ever-expanding poetry collection – and add to it yourself if you've an appropriate title to donate – or even join the growing community worldwide who are members of TIPL.

The Itinerant Poetry Library is a free travelling poetry library, which for the past 4 years has circumnavigated the globe providing a free public poetry library service to the good citizens of 12 countries, 29 cities, in 150+ different locations, and with over 1000+ members undergoing joining procedures during the 1000+ hours of public library service it has provided. Come Join Before She Travels On!

For further information see The Itinerant Poetry Library website: http://www.tipl.info
Or follow the library's locations by twitter where a map URL and address are posted as soon as the library has a new location: http://www.twitter.com/librarian
(Photo credit is: Downey/Wingate Gray)


Independence day hours

For today:

7am - 4pm

have a fun and safe 4th!


Upcoming Event this Saturday! Reception with bk.iamART.adams

Modern Times Coffeehouse is proud to present a new art show by iconic and esteemed Washington DC artist (and longtime patron) BK Adams. The installation will be shown in the Coffeehouse from early June through the end of July.

(photo by Jim Darling)

A free reception and meet-and-greet with BK will take place Saturday, July 3 at 7pm in the coffeehouse.

If you are not already familiar with BK's vibrant work, you may
have seen him hanging out in the Coffeehouse, riding around town on one of his painted bicycles, or depicted in one of his ubiquitous stickers proclaiming "I AM ART."

BK was also the subject of a Feb. 23, 2010 front page article in the Washington Post entitled 'Art Man' Bryant K. Adams seeks to beautify D.C. through found art'

Please enjoy the art and feel free to contact BK directly with any questions about purchasing his work at iamartbkadams[at]yahoo.com.

It's your imagination that will set us FREE.
by bk.iamart.adams

Some a blueprint of mi Life others
a treasure map of mi mynd. All and
expression of a true exiperence
a painted DREAM
A RED HOUSE underneath a painted waterfall
Perhaps an opportunity 2 present a life story
on canvas without stealin the viewers______
FREE 2 imagine what U will?
Some like 2 B told. Some need 2 B told
Some u tell and they don't see anyway?
Still i share! Enjoy the show.