Power's Back. Open regular hours tomorrow, Sunday.

We'll be open regular hours tomorrow, Sunday.  Come forget the stormaggedon and drown your thirsty souls or drench your sweaty brows in iced coffees or Arnold Palmers.  
Unfortunately, the parking lot will be closed all day Sunday for repaving.  So plan on walking or park in the surrounding streets.  We promise we'll crank the AC until we can see our breaths. 
Thanks guys and thanks to all our wonderful staff who helped today - James, Yoko, Stefan, and Kate.  A huge shout out to Buck's, James Alefantis and Vicky Reh, who saved most of our inventory by offering us some their fridge space!  Stay cool.

Power's Out

We lost power in the storm last night and it hasn't been restored yet. We don't know when it will be fixed but I will post an update here when it is. Hopefully we can salvage the day in the afternoon.

UPDATE: Closed all day Saturday!  SAD FACE


June Art Exhibit: Beyond the Park

Thirty years ago, in a derelict building hidden among the abandoned amusement park rides of Glen Echo Park, four young photographers founded Photoworks – with little more than a shared passion for the daily work of seeing, shooting, and printing images of lasting beauty and artistic integrity. The creative day-to-day collaboration, dialogue, and informal mentoring that led those artists to successful careers as fine art and commercial photographers firmly established the values of experimentation and collegiality that define Photoworks today. Photoworks is an arts community in the very best sense of the word.  When an artist is encouraged to shoot it differently, to make it genuine, to take it to extremes, to make one more print, to share it…this is pure, vintage Photoworks. And this is what inspires the artists and teachers whose work appears here.