New Face of Haiti: Paintings by 'Najee'

MTC is proud to present New Face of Haiti. These paintings, by Haitian artist, Najee, will be featured from May 19-June 21.

Be sure to join us for the reception this Saturday, May 24, 7-9pm

About the Artist: 
Michelet Calice, nicknamed "Najee", remembers creating art since he was 12 years old. Painter, sculptor, and accomplished guitarist, he finds inspiration in nature and living an eco-friendly life. Since the 2010 earthquake, Najee, his wife, and their young daughter have chosen to live in the rural mountains of Port-au-Prince. Living in a tent and planting, harvesting, and eating their own produce, they are inspired as a family by the natural surroundings and simple peasantry of the small mountain community.

Najee's dream of success goes beyond creating a simple and sustainable life. His unique perspective and talent afford him the ability to give "a new face to art" even amidst the rubble of a broken infrastructure and a fractured, yet not failing, society.

Najee believes that doors could be opened to and for Haiti by setting an unprecedented example of creating recycled art. His hope is to honor his country and the family that has always supported him by opening a training center for those needing the encouragement to find their own paths of expression.

About Beyond Borders:
Beyond Borders helps people build movements to liberate themselves from oppression and isolation. In Haiti and the united states we are bringing people together for just and lasting change. We support social movements in Haiti to: End child slavery, Guarantee universal access to education, End violence against women and girls, and Support dignified and sustainable livelihoods.