"black coffee. freshly ground, fully packed"

An ode to black coffee, strength and independence:

From the 1972 Ike & Tina Turner LP "Feel Good."


Coffee prices on the rise

We've been hearing about this for some time now. Read a discussion on coffee production, consumption, commodification and culture at The New York Times "Coffee, the New Shaky Commodity".


"coffee gives you the time to dream it"

If David Bowie, Cicely Tyson, and Kurt Vonnegut are doing it, then count me in.


March 2011 art show: "A Blended Family"

For our March art show, Modern Times Coffeehouse is excited to present a unique family collaboration. The show features paintings by Tanya Renne, illustration by Rose Jaffe and writings by Cindy Morgan-Jaffe.
The show is dedicated the journey of becoming a blended family over the past ten years, with the work of family who have experienced some of the toughest times now presenting side by side.

Tanya and Cindy have been together for twelve years. Before that, Cindy was married and had three girls named Anna (now 24), Rose (now 22) and Claire (now 19) who grew up in Chevy Chase DC and attended Lafayette Elementary. A set of twins, Paul and Olivia now 9, joined the mix along with two dogs, a cat, and a swirl of guppies under their roof across the Park in 16th St. Heights. The household has been one of many comings and goings both physically and emotionally — juggling split households, two (not just one expected) babies, a start up software company run by both Tanya and Cindy and new relationships. Luckily, a passion for art is shared by all, but particularly Tanya and Rose, who are the most active visual artists in the family. As viewers of the art on display will see, each brings a different style and personality to their work and to life. The writings by Cindy add a literal voice to the mix.


Tanya’s description of her art is that it is “exploration of color and texture. Period.” She was an art and women’s study major at Colorado College where she graduated in 1992. Her broad range of art skills include pottery, printing making, etching, and technical illustration. In addition to her art, Tanya runs a software company, is a mom, enjoys exercise, gardening, cooking, and if often seen working here at the Modern Times CafĂ©.

Email Tanya [at] orchidconnect.com to learn more about her work and to arrange a purchase.

Rose grew up in Washington DC with a passion for drawing. This spring, she will graduate from the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan where she has focused her work primarily on pen and ink media. Rose likes to explore all aspects of the human body with a concentration on the face and head. Her subjects come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often squeezed, stretched or pinched, pushing the definition of caricature to a new level. She has created illustrations for the show as well as a coloring book and handmade magnet sets. To contact Rose email her at jaffe.rose [at] gmail.com.

Cindy grew up in Wyoming in a family of five girls where arts and crafts were a common pastime. She migrated to the East where she graduated from Hampshire College and then found her way to Washington, D.C. and eventually became a mother, graphic designer and internship maven. Along the way, she has expressed her love of words and her family through writing, and especially poetry. “I enjoy the meanings, sounds, rhythms and visual nature of words."
The writings here are from her personal collection.


it's our 5th birthday!

Ring in another year for us! Many thanks and much love!

I'm so proud of our little shop and so thankful that you've been here to experience our evolution. What's next? New coffees, great new art and events and the best staff, always!

What do you wish to see happen in Modern Times in the upcoming years?