Throwing down with espresso

Last month several of our staff participated in a monthly event known as the "Thursday Night Throwdown", where local baristas gather over PBR ("official sponsor") and show off their latte art skills in some friendly competition with the hopes of winning a small pot of cash and bragging rights until the next month's gathering. The Post covered the March event and gives some good background, read the story here. For April's event, check out all the pics of the evening's challenge: the macchiato. Above, the ones from our staff-- Anna, Javier, Matt, and Bear (former MTC).


Spring renewal

The season for rebirth is here. We are preparing some refreshing additions to the menu and major remodeling in the upcoming weeks.
First of all, we will be eliminating the 16oz size for warm beverages and the 20oz size for cold. We believe that, by making this change, we will best be able to focus on serving quality, well-balanced drinks. We will continue offering our 8oz and 12oz sizes as well as the 6oz classic cappuccino size. Once we run through our supply of large cups, we will institute the changes.
By the end of this week, we will be adding two new sandwiches and a new salad to the menu. The prototypes have caused much excitement and anticipation among our staff. I'll say no more. Just keep watching the menu board.

TONIGHT: Film Salon on Political Docs

From Erica Ginsberg, executive director of Docs in Progress:

Docs In Progress is excited to bring back the Documentary Appreciation Salon to Modern Times on Tuesday, April 13 from 7:30-9:30 pm. We held our first Salon at the Coffeehouse back in February and drew 15 documentary aficionados to watch clips from personal documentaries — and then discuss them (while enjoying delicious coffee and food from Modern Times).
Some of the films are known to the audience. Some are new. Every clip is built around encouraging reflection and discussion. This time around, we will be focusing on political documentaries. Some of the clips we'll be discussing include Iraq for Sale, Iraq in Fragments, Jesus Camp, Expelled, and of course Michael Moore and his critics. The Salon is open to all, though we strongly recommend an advance RSVP so we can get a sense of who will be there. For more information and to RSVP, visit the Docs In Progress website at http://www.docsinprogress.org.


April's Art: Sheridan School students exhibit 'Sequential Art'

Artwork by seventh graders at the Sheridan School will be on display in the Coffeehouse throughout the month of April. The Sheridan School's seventh grade class studied sequential art (including its history, luminaries, and techniques) for several weeks to inform their own efforts at constructing and conveying a narrative rooted in the dynamic worlds of movement, space and time — while still being fixed to the static medium of the two-dimensional page. Whimsical or poignant, action-packed or serene, their work is as diverse and expressive as the students themselves. The art is not for sale — and a reception will take place at the end of the month.

About the Sheridan School
The Sheridan School is a small K-8 private school nestled in Northwest Washington DC. A progressive school, Sheridan hopes to help students grow into confident, responsible and kind children who are well-prepared to meet the challenges and demands of a complex and changing world, while maintaining their own unique voice. For more information, visit www.sheridanschool.org