america's sweetheart

From a recent episode of the The Simpsons, which includes among many other things: parodies of heist films and young adult fantasy novels, satirical commentary on the world of children's book publishing, and a guest appearance by Neil Gaiman(!!!):

Lisa Simpson, planning to write the next great teen novel series, opens up a laptop in Springfield's favorite local bookstore/coffeeshop "Bookaccino's".

"Sitting in a coffeeshop, I couldn't feel more like a real writer."

Sighs with satisfaction.

"Oh! Better set up with wi-fi, in case I need to do some research".

Stops to contemplate.

"But if I'm gonna use their free internet, I really should buy something."

Joins the line at the coffee bar.

"God, I love being a writer."


Hello Ceremony Coffee!

Our local coffee provider has changed their name. Caffe Pronto is now called Ceremony Coffee Roasters. They will continue to supply us (and you) fresh every week with espresso, coffee blends, and a fine selection of single origin varietals from around the world, craft roasted right down the road in Annapolis, Maryland. We love their coffee and are pleased to support a local, independent business that uses fair trade, direct trade, Rainforest Alliance, and certified organic products.


Price changes

Due to increasing global food, gas, and coffee prices, we have chosen to add a slight increase to some of our drinks and food selections. We held off as long as we could, but we can no longer continue to absorb the increased cost of our wholesale ingredients, especially dairy, bread, and coffee - which, when you think about it, comprise ninety percent of our menu. We will continue purchasing the best quality ingredients, sourcing from as many local vendors as possible, and preparing our food in-house.
We feel that our new price structure is comparable to similar businesses in the area. Plus, we have incorporated ways for you to save money (and produce less waste): if you purchase a travel mug from us, you will receive a 50 cent discount every time you buy a drink at the shop. You can also choose to bring your own mug and receive a 15 cent discount.
As always, we value your business and thank you for supporting your local independent coffeehouse.


The Only Constant is Change

The one thing I can say about the people whom with we choose to work is that they are strong-willed, dedicated, quality-oriented, over-worked, small-business owners, artisans, delivery people - sometimes all of these things at the same time.
So, we gave Cacao a try, or, really, they gave it a try. Their products made our collective mouth water and impressed us with their creations. However, Cacao could not find a way to keep up, grow, with our demand. A lifetime of baking skills can't be taught overnight, and they were more willing to lose daily revenue than to deliver sub-par pastries! For the moment they are eliminating the wholesale portion of their business and focusing on their retail stores. Good while it lasted.
Heller's Bakery also reached the end of its tenure here. Another example of people eager to please but, realistically, dragged down by the pressures of owning and running an already successful business without a good support staff. They had been with us from the beginning; I remember they were the only people willing to deliver pastries during one of the severe blizzards a couple of years ago. However, inconsistency in their delivery times and products forced us to make the decision to no longer carry their donuts and muffins. As disappointing for me as it is for you, believe me.
That brings us to this week, when we approached Patisserie Poupon. You might know them from their retail store in Georgetown. We're still getting to know them but what we've tried so far has impressed us. I've gotten the most raves about the almond croissants. My personal favorite has been the glazed apple turnover and, for late in the day, a mini chocolate eclair coupled with a macchiato can erase the chill from the air.
As always, let us know what you think! We want to continue providing the best in quality and service and sourcing pastries from only the best local bakers!