Caffenol - finally, a good use for instant coffee

UPDATE 9/4: couple of scanned negatives developed with caffenol. My mistakes are a result of overestimating developing time and not loading the film into the developing spool properly, but that's half the fun.

basic ingredients are instant coffee, vitamin c and washing soda!



Current Art Show/Sale Extended! Matthew Scott Davis!

For this new series of multi-medium screen prints, local artist (and beloved MTC employee) Matthew Scott Davis will donate a portion of proceeds from show sales to support the non-profit organization Partners In Health (PIH). It is a continuation of the “We’re All Human Beings” series from May and will be focused on the simple solutions to “Stupid Deaths” in poor communities and countries.

The prints speak to major issues these countries and communities face that have simple solutions— issues such as HIV/AIDS, access to water and food, curable diseases, and the cost of drugs.

UPDATE: Matthew's prints will remain on our walls through September/October and most are still available for sale as Matt and his family make the move from Washington across the ocean to another continent! For questions or purchases, please contact MatthewScottDesigns{at}gmail.com Subject line: “Stupid Deaths show"