Boat Hulls (Sept. 22-Nov. 2)

MTC is proud to present Boat Hulls: Maritime Abstracts by Frances Borchardt

Be sure to join us for the opening reception on Saturday, Sept. 27, 7-9pm.

"My abstract photographs capture what often goes unseen or unnoticed. Boat Hulls are pictures of the undersides of boats placed on marine jack stands to weather the winter months. They are straight views
paired with detail shots. Otherwise ordinary surfaces are transformed into things of beauty by focusing on color, texture, light and shadow cast on weather-beaten hulls.”

Frances Borchardt worked as a magazine photo editor for more than twenty-five years and attributes her career choice to developing an eye for visual storytelling, design and composition.  A non-traditional photographer, Borchardt's work is often referred to as being “unconventional” or “outside the box". She explores multiple image collage, alternative photographic processes and creates complex black and white images through double exposures. Additional work can be viewed at http://borchardtphotography.com.

To purchase the works, contact the artist directly at feborchardt@aol.com.

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